Hawaii State Repeater Advisory Council
Office of the Frequency Coordinator   
Rick Ching, KH7O
P.O. Box 10868
Honolulu, HI 96816
email: rickching1@gmail.com

         No longer updating printed ARRL directory due to vendor requirements as of Nov 2015


         Repeaters 5w output or less and with low AMSL / radius coverages please use the SNP channels in each band. Coordination of these low power low altitude low ERP it unnecessarily ties up limited repeater channels. If you feel the repeater will give considerable coverage email me for discussion and possible coordination on a case by case basis.


         You will now be able to list your repeater in the exact city/town as you like or the nearest large city if desired


         Oahu -The 2m channels are currently full with reuse of existing frequencies in progress. 440 channels are available but limited.


         neighbor islands may experience occasional cross talk when users are operating at higher elevations allowing for longer coverage.


         The use of continuous tone coded squelch system CTCSS is strongly encouraged on ALL repeaters.


         ALL future coordination in the 146 mhz and 147 mhz repeater channels are for "open" and/or high power repeaters or wide area coverage repeaters which are agreed to be available for public access during emergencies. 



         Before you request a frequency, try to make sure your plans are somewhat firm. To make the application for coordination as painless as possible, please email me with your requests. Currently in Hawaii there are NO FEES in the coordination process unlike several areas in the Continental  US which charge for each request whether approved or not.



To coordinate a repeater pair just follow these steps: 

1) Email me a request form found on the HSRAC web page for a repeater pair providing all the information except the "frequency" unless you have a preference which I will review to see if it is available, specify the band 2m or 70cm or other of which you are requesting coordination. 

2) I will review request and correspond via email for the rest of the coordination process.

3) When you are notified of a assigned  frequency, it is NOT COORDINATED at that time but instead a reservation is made for you on that frequency pair. From date of notification, you have 6 months to put the repeater on the air for the specific information provided as you proposed in the request. If for some reason you are unable to get it on the air in that time, you can request a one time additional 6 month extension to continue your plans, if after the one year mark has passed and the repeater is not on the air, the frequency pair offer may be pulled back into the pool for re-allocation to others standing by on a waiting list.

4) Once the repeater is on the air you have to EMAIL ME notification that it is up and running and at that time when you receive an acknowledgement from me that will state it is officially coordinated. 

5) Every 2 years you must email me and update stating the repeater is still on the air. If I do not receive an email after 5 years the repeater will automatically be UNCOORDINATED.

6) Basics of repeater operation- the repeater shall correspond appropriately  plus or minus offsets to the band of operation as not to operate in an inverse offset  to the coordinated repeaters.

7) Due to technology and digital formats evolving, users should be advised to seek current NODE/ access information from corresponding web servers of the digital mode of operation if your repeater is using a digital mode. If you would like the digital mode/address listed on the repeater coordination site please email me or add to "other" under mode of operation when filing for a new repeater frequency. 

If you have any coordination questions  please feel free to email me. The Official Coordination web URL as follows: http://www.hawaiirepeaters.net/


                                                                                                73 Rick KH7O