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Hawaii Repeaters in the 1970s required a FCC license for repeaters, the "R" in the call is for "repeater"

hifreqs.jpg (77120 bytes)  vhfengin.jpg (1201412 bytes) Repeater Kits of the 70s   

books.jpg (32088 bytes) before internet there were "books" to study from

1970s CRYSTAL RADIOS wilsonmark4.jpg (313638 bytes)    wilson.jpg (214654 bytes) heath.jpg (109442 bytes) ic-215.jpg (66756 bytes)    TR2200a.jpg (57929 bytes)    1d21a29.jpg (734777 bytes)  hw202.jpg (104235 bytes)  hr2.jpg (91910 bytes)

1970s Real Hams Had "Motorola HTs"   ht-1001.jpg (42926 bytes)     

FIRST SYNTHESIZED RADIOS   2attop.jpg (87016 bytes) ICOM 2AT       we800.JPG (89013 bytes) Wilson WE-800 kdk.jpg (129757 bytes) KDK2016 TR-2400_publi-1.jpg (151231 bytes)  Kenwood TR2400

These were all great radios of the day. The ICOM 2AT may have been the most popular of them all, easy to use solid radios that are still in use today.

In 1976 repeaters were built from a kit or retuned commercial repeaters. The ICOM IC-215 and Kenwood TR-2200A were the radio of choice before Hand Held radios were on the market.


62ant.jpg (669718 bytes)   DCP02932.JPG (64814 bytes) 

Mauna Kapu UFN operates WR6AVM VHF  Repeater 442.475+ and 146.62- pl 103.5 now open for public access using a General Electric Mastr II Repeater with 125watts out to a 6db gain antenna with 1/2" heliax. From  2200 feet high above the Waianae Mountain range it is the highest powered Amateur Radio Repeater on the Mountain top. Site is equipped with back up generator. 









DCP03177.JPG (49860 bytes)14726.JPG (84284 bytes)From 250 feet above Waikiki the WR6AVM VHF Repeater 147.26+ is using a Motorola Micor with coverage to Hawaii Kai to Leeward Oahu running 100 watts to an Omni antenna.  With links to the Maunakapu UHF repeater high atop the Waianae Mountain range PL encode only 103.5





14736redcross.jpg (66715 bytes)   red04505.JPG (91198 bytes)   red03174.JPG (60815 bytes)




From 280 feet on the Kaimuki Ridge line the 147.36+ repeater is using a Motorola Micor with coverage to Hawaii Kai to Leeward Oahu running 100 watts to an omni antenna CSQ.



                  dhead.jpg (75569 bytes)                                                                                                                   


Dept. of Emergency Management Diamond Head 146.88- repeater from above Waikiki with coverage Hawaii Kai to Leeward Oahu. Public access 24/7 also back to back with the 444.500+ repeater For more pictures click this link 







000704-00391.JPG (43531 bytes) 000704-00052.JPG (49285 bytes) 000704-00422.JPG (45379 bytes) 000704-00432.JPG (43472 bytes) 000704-00612.JPG (61495 bytes)  IMG_0243.JPG (44744 bytes)    IMG_0027.JPG (27327 bytes)  

Diamond Head Repeaters 1970s


hualailai.gif (155487 bytes)


The 147.16 MHz HWARS repeater is seen on top of Hualalai (8000ft elevation), on the Big Island. Looking North, the picture shows the Haleakala summit (Maui Island) emerging from the clouds on the right.



digitower.jpg (77149 bytes)                                                                                                                                                                   


The AH6MG High powered APRS DIGIPEATER Covering Leeward, Waianae Oahu on 144.39 Mhz. Bordering Mililani, Kauai to Honolulu. As of Feb 2018 it is in process of being relocated.






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