POKER.jpg (108437 bytes) "POKER" POWER OUTAGE KIT & EMERGENCY REPEATER. Focused on well rounded basic electronics needed when there is a temporary power outage or the other extreme of quick movement with minimal radio and support coverage for any use. Contains FREE PLAY crank generator or rechargeable battery source, or solar driven AM/FM radio, pair of FRS radios for short range disposable weather proof radios, ,  Radio Shack Simplex repeater controller & ICOM HT radio for extended short range communication extremely light weight and easily deployable enough to sustain communication as a portable repeater until a more permanent solution is found,(Hand Helds cannot be used at active Communication sites as the surrounding levels of RF will desense the Hand held receiver, if you do want to use it at a typical Communication site a single cavity pass band filter will cure the deaf ear problem of desense and restore the receiver's selectivity to better level. Kenwood TH F6A HT chosen also for its high power, light weight , very effective power saving circuit and long lasting Lithium battery pack (standard with radio)or with battery shell just add batteries when needed which makes it perfect for extended time away from a charger power source or extended power outage. 

FENIX PD35TAC 2016 model, multilevel light, tactical endcap switch. Walking light wide angle throw.   or if you prefer the PD32 2016 model with a narrower throw for longer range. both are good depending your preference is.   This LED flashlight specifically chosen for long lasting  very versitile, uses CR123A lithium batteries which can be stored for 10 years or 18650 rechargeable battery. Surefire has lost its edge in the market although i have a dozen different ones some good, some outdated for efficiency. You should get a headlight if you are serious about outdoor activity or disaster relief.. I have found headlights to be even more valuable then a hand held flashlight when engaged in activity. check out reviews and youtubes for anything of interest however these are the lights that i put on the top of my list compared to others . 

NITECORE HC60  multilevel headlamp 18650 battery USB rechargeable excellent.

OLIGHT H25 wave long lasting rechargeable pack comes with the light.. LED battery status monitor on pack. multilevel light. Great if you are in a situation that needs a lot of light or your going to be out in the dark for long periods of time.


skb case.jpg (237020 bytes)FULL HF/VHF/UHF station with LDG antenna tuner, Kenwood TS50S, SAMLEX 20A switching power supply, Kenwood TM733A dual band mobile. Used a SKB case commonly found at music stores for guitar amps. Universal 19" rack mount shelves, the perforated one is very adaptable without drilling holes.  Case is gasketed on front and back for transport. Quick and easy setup once on site. No special tools needed to configure to this SKB case, just some hardware to mount brackets to the shelves or hole through mount of anything you want. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44vM0w4rZOo&feature=channel_page

100_0764.JPG (138127 bytes)     100_0767.JPG (209345 bytes)     Kenwood TMG707, SAMLEX 20A switching power supply , force ventilation fan, pelican O-Ring seal kit, rotatable cover light. DC, Power control panel fused and metered with accessory jack to supply additional 12vdc power to external equipment. Bought from West Marine ~$50 to save time wiring fuse/switch/meter/accy jack, looks better then I could have done with the drill press, just had to make new labels and minor wiring in kit to adapt for my power needs. TMG707 Control Head needs to be removed with and placed flat to close lid. Spring loaded mechanical latch on Kenwood TMG707 takes one second to unlatch and a non issue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmnnf0xUWNM

IMGP2257.JPG (696568 bytes) External 12V power such as a car battery can be used to power the kit in the event you do not have access to AC power or operating from your vehicle in the field, similarly a cigarette lighter plug on a cable to anderson power poles can be made to power the kit.

IMGP2260.JPG (689733 bytes)Connectors are color coded to match panel Switch configurations. Internal SAMLEX PS is pig tailed out the back of the panel  to supply any other equipment needing 13.8V DC power. The switch configurations control which way the 12VDC power is flowing, turning off the power supply will isolate the external power in to the kit from getting to the SAMLEX PS. 

IMGP2259.JPG (696648 bytes)A standard 3 prong AC panel mount socket was scraped from a old Computer power supply along with the 12v fan and blade guard  Using a standard computer power cord cutting  the plug side off was then wired to the AC rocker switch (black) and fuse holder adjacent to AC socket. This female pigtail will  plug into the SAMLEX PS that way no modifications are needed for the PS.   

IMGP2255.JPG (681284 bytes) ICOM IC208H used in this kit, same as above however this radio is lower profile and cover will close as is.

081103 prototype b.JPG (29492 bytes)  Kenwood TM733A , SAMLEX 20A power supply, rotatable light in lid, detachable mini mag light, separate antenna ports for VHF and UHF, DC circuit breaker, Universal AC power cord, AC power supply Fuse , DC external power in/out fuse. Radio remote head surface mounted, radio speaker flush mounted inside kit, forced air cooling for power supply.

cor1.jpg (34730 bytes)  cor2.jpg (37482 bytes)  corinside.jpg (56743 bytes) Coronary Over Radio (COR) made by Motorola as many have seen in the TV show "EMERGENCY" back in the 70s,  using the shell this version uses a Kenwood TM733A with a 12v 24AH gel cell as well as a SAMLEX 20A supply. Lower case is water tight but Control head, mic/spkr wiring is exposed. I scrapped this version and turned toward the Pelican 1450 case versions above due to its heavy weight. Another Ham project standing by for more creativity.

 IMGP0977.JPG (115669 bytes)  IMGP0979.JPG (133526 bytes) CONTERRA 3 pocket vest capable of carrying GPS, notepad/ placards, HT, spare batteries. This will handle most ham radio Hand Helds. Radio pockets are adjustable but will not handle the extremely large HTs as the Motorola XTS series.


 aprstracker1.jpg (66049 bytes)  APRS portable Terminal, using APRS+SA software with Delorme Street Atlas Mapping software, Kenwood THD7AG APRS capable portable radio with built in modem self contained in a pelican 1450 case using pluck foam inserts.Toshiba Libretto used for interface via serial DB9 Com port, send tactical messages using APRS using APRS infrastructure.

DESrptrUHF.jpg (137871 bytes) Portable Repeater UHF 25w with power supply/ internal battey/ duplexer all self contained complete by Motorola, excellent for ham use, this also has a local speaker microphone which can be used as a base station/repeater at the same time, internal battery defaults to 5 watts, comes with 1/4 wave antenna/magnetic mount, speaker microphone, power cords AC and DC.

General Electric MVP UHF Mobile converted to Repeater 20w

Portable UHF repeater low power 10~20w. Uses NHRC repeater control board made for this model radio. HI-Q Front end, good selectivity excellent overall radio. Duplexer is a celwave 6 cavity reject model 633-6A.  Only UHF duplexers with 5 mhz split can be this small,
 Plus side:The best for this size configuration. Offers a fairly light weight on the fly repeater
Down side:, range is limited only by actual repeater location. Low power output.

VHF Simplex Repeater using Radio Shack simplex Repeater module

simprptr.JPG (114632 bytes)Economy version portable frequency agile VHF HIGH power 130w simplex repeater offers long range in the smallest package. Good for fast response or temporary use. Built with a Mirage  amplifier being driven with a 1.5w ICOM 2AT HT, Samlex 20amp switching power supply, Radio Shack simplex repeater module compatible with (ICOM 2AT, Radio Shack ) type portables or with similar mic/ptt configurations. Here is a typical demo of how a simplex repeater works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O55KRm2Cw5E

Plus side long Range,  Excellent audio on repeat. Quick and cheap solution. Use it with and old Mobile or HT, can use either AC or Car Battery power . Frequency agile, no duplexer needed just dial it up. Use equipment in the shack until needed for deployment. Light weight portable, great for traveling. Equipment can be used in original configuration until needed.


Orgbox_backseat.jpg (47349 bytes) COR Box designed by another ham

100_1215.JPG (1442592 bytes)

n1rfd.jpg (441623 bytes) N1RFD made this kit.. real nice  anderson fuse block.