Disaster Supplies


Start your kit with a good headlight such as nitecore HC60 or better


DO NOT buy a rechargeable flashlight that you cannot replace the batteries on the spot as power outage may be many days  or weeks in duration
TACTICAL high quality flashlights such as surefire are top of the line but NOT designed for long durations, this can be in ADDITION to a flashlight listed below
Rechargeable lights listed below all have replaceable batteries if needed.
Prices below are snips from random Ebay sellers, actual price may be higher or lower from other sources.
PRIORITY would be a flashlight that can be used as a Headlamp, in a disaster you need your hands free.   

FENIX: PRO very good quality, LIFETIME warranty. excellent price. daylight white tint   CONS: none

NIGHTCORE: PRO very good quality, excellent price ,neutral white tint CONS: 5 year warranty

OLIGHT: PRO desk top recharge dock , good quality , good price neutral white tint CONS: 2 year warranty 

FENIX PD35TAC , multilevel light, endcap on/off switch, round side switch to select modes. nice wide angle throw.  18650 rechargeable or CR123A lithium

NITECORE D4 excellent charger can handle most types of batteries

NITECORE P36 high power adjustable light uses 2x 18650 batteries.. excellent

NITECORE MH23 high power short duration small size pocket flashlight. uses rechargeable 18650 batteries. excellent. on/off button can be set to flash for easy to find in darkness



NITECORE HC60  multilevel headlamp 18650 battery USB rechargeable excellent.

NITECORE HC33  multilevel headlamp  or hand held flashlight 18650 battery USB rechargeable excellent (if you only bought one flashlight this would be the one)

NITECORE EC11 keychain light high power rechargeable 18350 battery.

OLIGHT S10R III  USB rechargeable.. convenient  to quickly put on charger.  CON: takes longer to toggle between light levels compared to other brands 2yr warranty

OLIGHT S30RII USB rechargeable.. convenient  to quickly put on charger.  CON: takes longer to toggle between light levels compared to other brands 2yr warranty

STREAMLIGHT SIDEWINDER takes AA batteries convenient for extended power outages. Long extended battery life CON: not as bright as other LED lights

HONDA EU2000i portable generator. Best option is to modify for propane. Hutch mountain has kit with instructions  1hr to modify easy.  If you only run it on propane there is no chance of liquid gas cloging the carburetor between uses. It will be almost maintenance free except for normal oil changes needed.

AM FM RADIO..a small light weight AA battery type radio is a must have..

POWER BANK USB charger for cell phone is a must have. Many brands / charging options.

SWISS CHAMP BLACK authentic.. buy from US vendors or from other US web sites

LEATHERMAN SUPERTOOL 300 get a multitool leatherman, gerber, SOG not a knock off.. whatever your personal preference is.